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Jean Carles was well known for his wonderful creations made of unusual materials.

Before creating Tabu, he was instructed to make a fragrance for a whore (‘un parfum de puta’). Its luscious oriental floral composition starts with fresh citrus and spicy notes.

the next day I smelled it on my bathrobe and wow, I started craving it.

At different times I get different notes, maybe depending on how active I am. This fragrance is a trip to memory lane since it was the perfume my grandfather used to wear.

It's a pretty square 2 oz splash bottle, thin in width, screw on black cap. I like Tabu, but I wanted some vintage dust/musk/animal/skank. It smells like an ambery "root beer-isk" musk that is slightly dirty in a weird sexual way LOL.

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Even if it is not as good as the vintage, the concept of the scent is retro for COLD weather. In addition, I see mature sophisticated women loving this one too. As a said, every collector should at least sniff this one.Today is a rich smoky incense aroma with wafts of spice. He was a very stylish man and oh boy he loved his cigars and his Tabu!This fragrance is very unisex in my opinion, on my skin it smells warm, spicy and smoky. This is SO much better to me now than when I first tried it about a year ago.Online shops offers: Fragrance 7 items for 3.24 - 14.29 2 items for 8.95 - 9.95 GBPFragrance UK 2 items for 10.98 - 13.62 GBPPerfume Click 3 items for 11.45 - 12.55 uk 2 items for 13.09 - 16.09 GBPFragrance 2 items for 14.39 - 17.85 USDExpress Chemist 1 product for 9.55 GBPView products...The first fragrance of the house was Tabu, created by Jean Carles 1932.

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