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In case of any other contract, the required disclosure shall be made at the first meeting of the Board held after the directors becomes concerned or interested into contract or arrangement.

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Ø Ensure that the disclosure were duly made by all directors in form 24AA Ø A General notice of disclosure has been duly renewed Ø Particulars of interest entered in the register of contracts etc. will section 300 apply to appointment of managing director? Pieroctte pour le conseil de Tutelle Wow, incredible blog layout! vous entendez parler des pays mais vous n’aviez jamais été. Connaisez-vous l’islande, pourquoi n’en parlez pas car les conservateurs veulent vous maintenir dans l&oniur;qgsorance totale de ce qui se passe ailleurs.

Applies to: · All companies whether public or private · Contract for underwriting subscription of any shares in or debentures of the company · Oral Contracts, if it can be proved by circumstantial evidence · Contract for sale, purchase, supply of any goods, materials or services in which a director or any person connected with a director in any ways mentioned in sub section (1) of Section 297 is interested It does not apply to: · Giving or taking of loan · Contract in respect of immovable goods · Contracts between two public companies · Contract for employment of a director or managing director or whole-time director · Contract for employment of relative of a director · Contract entered into by the company with a dealer on a principal to principal basis · Professional service of the nature given by firms of solicitors and advocates etc.

· Indirect interest of directors as provided under section 299 · Hiring of office premises on rent (as the transaction is an immovable property) · A government company in respect of contracts entered into by it with another government company · Any contract for the sale, purchase or supply of goods, materials or services in which: a). Section 297 mandates to obtain the prior consent of the Board of Directors for contracts (as mentioned above) in which the directors are interested.

In the case of a proposed contract or arrangement, the disclosure is required to be made by a director under sub-sec.

(1) shall be made at the meeting of the board at which the question of entry into the contract or arrangement is first taken into consideration, or if the director was not, at the date of the meeting, concerned or interested in the proposed contract or arrangement, at the first meeting of the Board held after which he becomes so concerned or interested.

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