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None of the Amazons will fess up to being lesbians, despite lots of wrestling and talk of jasmine-scented hair.“It’s like we’re in a porn but the plumber is just genuinely there to fix the pipe,” says Megan.(When an elf tracks him down playing video games at home, Chad says, “I was bored.”) Though Chad returns, he loses a precious map and pretends a magical sword is his dong.It’s perfectly silly and a great way to raise the stakes on Chad, a character that Davidson plays as an asshat Mona Lisa.cameramen stop to consider their options, they begin hallucinating.One guy (Thompson) sees his wife’s sexy trainer Natalia (Gadot) running a sexy lemonade stand while the other guy (Beck Bennett) can only conjure a vision of the noxious employees (Kyle Mooney and Mikey Day) at his local Jamba Juice.This sketch is impossible to talk about without ruining the surprise, so look away if you’re allergic to spoilers. That monosyllabic cypher Chad (Pete Davidson) — who in previous episodes beguiled a housewife (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) and befuddled a professor (Benedict Cumberbatch) — finds a magic portal in his closet and falls into a Narnia-like land that he alone can save.

There’s nothing noteworthy about the sketch, but watching Strong and Bryant ham it up together is always enjoyable.

Che tells a gun-toting “snowflake” that if he can’t hit something with six shots, he’d better “learn karate or use your words.” Jost also takes on Trump’s compunctious trip to Puerto Rico: “Nothing says like a billionaire throwing six rolls of paper towels to hurricane victims.” Kate Mc Kinnon stops by as Ruth Bader Ginsburg to deliver some “Ginsburns” regarding Neil Gorsuch, gerrymandering, and the Supreme Court’s balance of conservative and liberal justices.

Mc Kinnon endears, as always, and throws in dance moves to boot.

Her mom is into it, too: “We can figure out the nature of our relationship, but my vote is sexual.” The sketch is just fine, but it’s great to see a new player like Gardner sink her teeth into a part; she does a great rebel-without-a-clue.

, but the writers did a decent job finding more for her to do, too.

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