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You can talk to the train man and you can - which is even more interesting - exit the screen on the right to fight monsters in the train graveyard.

After this, you're finally given a first bit-sized snack of freedom in the game.

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This can take a very long time, however there *is* a way to slightly speed it up.

As for the actual note: Head to the train graveyard to the right so you can save up money to buy 99 Iron Bangles.

Midgar Sector 1: ---------------- Make your way up the stairs after the scenes.

Do something more productive instead by picking up the Potion near the exit below, then continue down south.

Don't let the electricity freak you out in the next screen.

Please don't feel distracted by these notes if you're not interested in this challenge and simply use the guide regularly.

They are only for perfectionists, and they are implemented in the walkthrough to ease them in this tough challenge.

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