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There’s native audio for learning foreign languages, and it has offline access.You will have to create an account to sign up, which might be a negative for some folks, but it allows you to keep all your flashcards backed up and synced.Up top, you have options for adding flashcards, syncing, and two settings menus.Clicking on the three-dot settings icon will allow you to look at the instructions cards, which I found helpful.It is very easy to use, and while not the most gorgeous app ever, it does stick to somewhat modern Android styling and certainly isn’t ugly.You won’t find any extra features here aside from syncing with Study, but you will find a simple, pick-up-and-use app.It’s a relatively simple app to use, but you won’t be syncing any flashcards here. But if you like the 5 box/SRS system and want your notes read out loud — for instance, to practice another language — it could work for you.The Pro version (.90) adds a few features and gets rid of the ads.

Tap a card to flip it over, swipe to move to the next card.There are even fancy graphs that show you stats about your studying.The downside of all this customizability, however, is a not-so-simple user interface.Best of all, using the correct spaced repetition software (SRS), these apps can even cut down your total studying time by only quizzing you on the things you are about to forget.Well, there are several apps out for doing this job, and we’re going to take a look at 6 of them.

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