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Dodon said on February 2, Moldova's statehood day, that he wants lawmakers and civil society to discuss the idea and come up with legislative proposals "in the weeks or months ahead." Legal experts conclude that changing Moldova's national flag would require parliamentary legislation that is unlikely to be approved by the current ruling coalition.

Dodon has promised to strengthen Moldova's ties with Moscow -- vowing to join the Russia-dominated Eurasian Economic Union.

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Instead, the new design suggested by Dodon would retain the head of an ox, a star, a flower, and a crescent from Moldova's coat of arms.

Meanwhile, critics of Dodon's plan say it is part of his broader efforts to steer Moldova away from a course toward the EU membership that Romania has already achieved.

Moldova's pro-Russia President Igor Dodon has proposed a new flag for his country that would eliminate similarities the current banner has with the flag and coat of arms of neighboring Romania.

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