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I’m about to leave my current position to attend graduate school, and my boss is interviewing for my replacement.I’m very ready to move on for a variety of reasons, in particular the fact that my boss Fergus has a very strong personality that does not mesh with my own (I’m not alone; others in the office also feel this way).I get to do teapot sculpting all the time now, which is exactly what I want.If you ever have a role open up that’s just teapot sculpting, I’d love to talk with you about it.I got a disgusting and unprompted message from someone on Tinder.Unfortunately for him, he left his employer on his profile.This strategy, while doable, makes me feel like an entitled jerk for making clients wait so long, since I tend to have a lot of downtime and there’s usually no reason I can’t meet with a client the moment they decide to show up.

You could, of course — and it’s weird that he doesn’t realize that — but unless you’re truly outraged (and granted, maybe the message is worse than I’m picturing), I’d just move along.

I try to confirm the time with them first, make sure it’s on my calendar, and plan accordingly.

Then my day gets thrown off when I get a call from Reception way before the client’s expected to show up.

Part of me feels like one of my duties is to demonstrate the importance of respecting another person’s schedule, and of maintaining a professional agreement (i.e., the meeting time).

So when I get an early arrival, I typically stay at my desk (which is out of sight of Reception) and come out only 5-10 minutes before the scheduled time.

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