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Add on facebook advertised NFL Jerseys only to take your money under the scam of the banner and issues a bogus order number which you find out after you try to track your order with NFL store.I bought a Michael korls handbag on 25th December, they emailed me that when they ship they'll let me know, haven't had from them, am in doubt waiting for one more day and call my bank to get back my money if no results from them I have been charged 115.81 Electric Parts and Equipment effective on and Processed on . I am trying to dispute it with my credit card company.The information above is from my credit card statement. The confirmation email just said it was from [email protected] That's vague! I´m going to wait for a few days and then I will accept the charge or not.Anyone know anything about this company, please let me know. I only buy a product to vipserviceeu (or fashion online) of a facebook advertising. I have purchased a bag and purse from a company apparently in London and have been charged with this domain.the web page no longer exists, the product never arrived and the payment was debited to me. Have contacted my credit card to didpute the transaction :( no item or replies from the company. Company listed as being located at 2495 US-287, Westminister, Colorado when actually they are Ounce Limited in Hangzhou, China.I'm trying to mastercard not pay them and hopefully they'll give me back the money. No where on website does it say merchandise is shipped from China.Scammed by trader details PES* RZSDGQMFJM CO., LT RIZHAO before Christmas.

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I responded by questioning there 90 day return policy.

Sadly, I don’t remember the name not the address of the online shop :( This appears to be a growing trend.

I’ve also been charged by Zimaotong Beijing £63.32 plus £1.74 exchange fee!

Jerseys are not as pictured on website, colors are off.

Package arrived a month after ordering without any packing slip or information for returns.

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