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A word to new male admirers who want to know am I dressed. I'm currently residing in a small village at the foothills of the Pennines: it makes a winter's day in Sydney seem positively balmy.

I had one recently tell me he had had two girls masturbate on cam for him and did I want to be the third: I told him it would be a waste of good sperm.

If that gets you hard you really need to see a shrink.

To clear up any misunderstanding amongst my male admirers. It is the sexual interaction - both physical and intellectual - that precedes intercourse; which can also be physical and intellectual.

And if you think I swan around all day in a zip up PVC g string and six inch glass heels then I'm sorry to disappoint. The rest of the time I'm a man in thermal underwear, artic proof jacket, ski pants and Ugg boots.

So if you want to cam with the abominal snowman be my guest.

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