Google wants everyone to live in mediocrity together and barely subsist in a socialist workers’ paradise while Sergey Brin and Larry Page make billions off selling Metalhead Dating, Gay Thug Dating, and Spinning Top ads for fractions of a cent to websites such as Death Metal Underground!

Google are the Communist version of the Parents Music Resource Center only this time instead of going after Twisted Sister, Google (and other leftist tech giants like Facebook) want to start a New World Order of mediocrity, leftism, equality, equal opportunity, undeserved employment and educational opportunities, psychotic transvestism, state-supported sexual hedonism, and censorship by bullets.

Google endorses such preposterous delusions by selecting such social realism as the winner of their annual contest.

Google wants the lazy, the crazy, and the insolent are allowed to loot the first world as they hope, like other multinational corporations that sell cheap crap (text ads), that more potential customers will equal more potential profits.

Google posted the above image to their homepage as the winner of their annual Doodle 4 Google contest.

The picture was drawn by a high-school student who wanted to show that diversity and multiculturalism will let everyone live in peace together.

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