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I am legitimately trying to find a virtual ob because of chronic migraines. I thank you because you point out a few very important issues to include but not limited to: "It is just a scraper site" (which should read "scrapper" - but I'll let the typo go in lieu of this being important info.) - What you also mention is an example of a FREE website that does the EXACT same work, has BETTER results and does not require anyone to JOIN with a PAID membership! The fact that the majority of their listings are staffing agencies. Non-Exclusive Listings: Again, I have found nearly every listing on VV's website to also be listed through a free job board and was able to apply directly to those companies without having to PAY a single dime of my already limited funds! Unlike Used Car Salesmen, there is no enforcement for the fraudulent job boards.

You KNOW those agencies PAY VV's to post those listings then "members" have to pay to apply!? What bugs me, really gets under my skin is how VV's REQUIRES paid membership from job seekers, knowing full well those job seekers are already strapped and most likely disparate and they totally take advantage of that fact! Just because you "need" a telecommuting job won't change the outcome. The trend according to the US Dept of Labor is less pay, less benefits, and less full time for 5 years in a row.

Do you have any idea how many Craigslist scams are out there?

Virtual Vocations sifts through all of that and provides me with legit jobs. To Madi and Concernedjobposter, I'm sorry that you were upset about your listing showing up on our board.

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They are wasting your time and making you pay for it.For those who posted that they think this is saving them time, think again.You are being charged for jobs that you can a.) find yourself for free and b.) sending out resumes to potential employers without getting all of the facts on the job first. madismommy07 and Concerned Job Poster: You have no idea what you're talking about.My company is Virtually Innovative Services LLC and we are affiliated with where we work from home doing call center work with companies like Staples, Home Depot, Intuit, Comcast etc.You do have to pay 7.95 background fee to get started and this can be part-time work or full-time you decide.

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