Gourmet dating

Slightly more complicated would be to introduce an emulsifier to our vinaigrette.

What a horrible sounding word to something that tastes so good.

This is a safe ratio to memorize for general knowledge but shouldn’t keep you from coming up with your own.

When making this basic vinaigrette for myself, I rarely measure it out. Now this isn’t the best way for beginners to learn, but once you get the basic idea of what it should taste like, go for it.

Now in my current kitchen, my wife and I can be cooking a 5-course meal and not once bump into each other although I try every chance I get. She taught me two simple lessons that I still preach about on my web site.

One, use the freshest, best ingredients available and two, keep it simple.

Of course I wanted him to dress it and toss it too. I figured he must have dressed thousands of these salads so he must know what he’s doing.

Besides, at that age I had no idea the proper ratio was 3 to 1.

What vinegar you use is your choice and depends on what you are putting the vinaigrette on.I was dating this wonderful woman who lived in a studio on the Upper East Side of New York City whose kitchen was barely big enough for one let alone two adults.It was so tight that just preparing diner together was enough to create a romantic setting. Thinking back, this friend was probably my first cooking teacher and the one who taught me how to enjoy good food and how much fun it can be in the kitchen.And although she was a very good cook, she had a few simple recipes up her sleeve that she could pull off at a moment’s notice. This vinaigrette is so simple yet so delicious, I’ve been serving it to friends and family for the last 20 years and still get rave reviews.Maybe all my friends grew up like I did on those commercial brands of French and Thousand Island dressings.

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