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The Career Center has computers for students to research careers, to search for jobs, and to work on their resumes. ) There is also a fax machine to send your job application and resume to employers.

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Application and proposal deadline: March 1, 2018 Research commences with the beginning of EACE fiscal year: July 1, 2018 Project completion and reporting by June 30, 2019 The Awards/Research Grants Committee will evaluate the Research Grant application and proposal.

Many students don’t realize that Sacramento City College has a CAREER CENTER! But do you want to be a civil, architectural, mechanical, biomedical, aeronautical, chemical, computer, or electrical engineer?

If you want to learn about engineers (or hundreds of other careers), the Career Center can show you online resources to help you research your area of interest.

This fair is a great way for employers to build awareness and connect with interested and qualified students. Cooperative Education at the North Dakota State College of Science is an enhancement to the student's curriculum that can become a valuable part of the student's college education.

It provides students the opportunity to apply their classroom learning in the work environment and, in some cases, may open the door to full-time employment upon graduation.

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