Great things to say online dating

Sure, if he's about to hurt himself or someone else or break something, kindly step in. Try: "Would you be willing to fill up the car when it gets below a quarter tank?

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Then, while you're both clothed and not in the bedroom, bring up some things you enjoy sexually and that you would like to try in order to enhance the experience next time around, taking care not to place blame on him.

"It's nasty and belittling, and it gets at his fear that he may be exhibiting the worst traits of his family." If you're about to spout a criticism like this, stop and think about what's behind it: Maybe your father-in-law is the kind of guy who never cleans up after himself, and your husband's habit of leaving dirty dishes around the house is getting to you.

According to Ford, you should skip the insult and get right to a reasonable request, such as: "Hon, when you're done with your sandwich, can you bring your dish over to the sink?

" When you've softened up your approach, you have more room to make other, helpful suggestions. What is wrong is insulting your man's choice of friends.

Your disdain may also suggest that you'd prefer to pick his friends for him—and no one wants to be told who they should be pals with.

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