Hermaphrodite chat line

Actually, he has several, but let me point out just one.And you don't need access to any other documentation to appreciate it.Here's a yardstick: If your main character is accumulating wealth or advancing at a rate faster than would be possible without multis, then you're more than likely in violation of this rule.If you're abusing multis, and your behavior is noticed, all accounts other than what appears to be your primary will be disabled. You either get the picture, or you don't, and if you don't, odds are you don't care whether or not you act like a jackass.

Yes, it's possible to trick people into giving you stuff.

If, after being banned (or /ignored by some player you're bothering,) you come back in with a different account and keep acting like a jackass, it will be considered multi abuse, and dealt with in accordance with Rule #4.

Posting links to stupid web games that reward you for tricking people into clicking your link. Posting links to pages that open up 300 browser windows with annoying Flash animations in them. Repeated aggravated violation will result in the deactivation of your account.

If you make a bunch more multis and start doing it again, or if the first abuse we notice is really annoying or egregious, your primary account will be disabled.

Making a character with a name that contains a racial epithet will result in that character being disabled.

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