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"I wasn't really a tomboy in the same way that a lot of non-intersex girls I know were tomboys. When Hida was born, she says, doctors wanted to perform a surgery to make her large clitoris smaller.

"I met some really amazing, talented, beautiful, smart women who were just like, 'You know what? Yes, I used to have testes, but it doesn't mean anything to me in terms of how I live my life. It's not all of me.'" Now 22, Katie says something like dating can still be intimidating."Society pressures you to choose sides just like they pressure mixed race people to decide. She was born with the X and Y chromosomes of a male, but with hypospadias—a condition in which the penis is not connected to the urethra—and a vagina-like opening."But since there was no vaginal canal, doctors sewed it together and they pronounced me a baby boy," Lynnell says."My clitoris is large enough that it resembles a small penis," Hida says.Though Hida says she may have identified with boys in some ways, she never wanted to be a boy. I didn't have a problem with the skirt." Now, Hida says she feels and looks "more male" or "more female" in different situations.

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