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Their leadership styles clashed and Mc Raven was relieved of his first command.

Faced with this setback, the young lieutenant might have sought to continue his Naval career outside of the SEAL program, but he was determined to prove himself.

The athletic Mc Raven took to the exacting demands of SEAL training, a process he likens to “a lifetime crammed into six months.” After completing Basic Underwater Demolition SEAL Training, Mc Raven was assigned to the newly formed SEAL Team Six.

The young lieutenant was given a squad to command, but soon ran afoul of the team’s controversial commander, Richard Marcinko.

In the mid-1980s, the administration of President Ronald Reagan supported a major buildup of U. military forces, including an expansion of the SEALs and other special forces.

Mc Raven’s reputation had spread beyond the Navy and throughout the special operations community.He was assigned to SEAL Team Four, where he was given command of an entire platoon.Mc Raven succeeded in his new position and began his ascent through the ranks.With that and the attack on the Pentagon on the same day, Mc Raven was immediately aware that the United States was entering a new era of armed conflict and that special operations would be needed as never before.An Afghan strike force trained by United States Special Operations completes a training session at Camp Morehead, Afghanistan.

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