History dating back to 1773 quotfusetalkquot

The arrival of troops in Boston provoked conflict between citizens and soldiers.

On March 5, a group of soldiers surrounded by an unfriendly crowd opened fire, killing three Americans and fatally wounding two more.

In Massachusetts, participants in a town meeting cried out against taxation without proper representation in Parliament, and suggested some form of united protest throughout the colonies.Before the Stamp Act could even take effect, all the appointed stamp agents in the colonies had resigned.The Massachusetts Assembly suggested a meeting of all the colonies to work for the repeal of the Stamp Act. The Stamp Act Congress passed a “Declaration of Rights and Grievances,” which claimed that American colonists were equal to all other British citizens, protested taxation without representation, and stated that, without colonial representation in Parliament, Parliament could not tax colonists.To protest Britain’s actions, Massachusetts suggested a return to nonimportation, but several states preferred a congress of all the colonies to discuss united resistance.The colonies soon named delegates to a congress — the First Continental Congress — to meet in Philadelphia on September 5.

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