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Yes, I know, I haven’t written a blog post since ‘nam.

Unfortunately (for anyone looking to read a new one) I’m not about to start now.

But…I do have two things to offer in the place of treatises on cholesterol (yes, I know, I didn’t finish the Straight Dope series), insulin resistance, hypothyroidism, and a dozen other topics (not including “what I eat, circa Q12016”): first, a series of updates (most of you will want to skip this section if you’re only here for the hardcore science talk); second, a few recent podcasts I’ve done. I left Nu SI at the end of 2015 after four great, albeit very challenging, years.

The work we started is still going on and in the following years I look forward to seeing the published research as it becomes available to the public (which I am now a part of).

Lastly, I’ve re-discovered my obsession with heavy squats and deadlifts.

So total exercise volume is low-ish by my historical standards varying between 8 and 12 hours/week with nothing constituting “training” except for squats and deadlifts.

Nothing against scalable, mass-produced reliable cars, but I’m obsessed with perfection, and I can’t perfect much more than a small handful of patients at a time.

The other half of my time is spent working on things I’m not ready to talk about publicly yet, but they are very much related to my interests expressed in the practice.

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Family Health Data: add your family and friends on APP then you can see their health data.Because I get asked a lot on the blog and through social medial…here goes: I hung up the bike in January 2015 (from a competitive standpoint).I simply could not travel 140 days a year (which I did last year), work 60-80 hours/week, spend time with my family, be a quasi-serious wannabe time-trialist. So the past year marks a first, since the age of 13—it’s the first year I have not competed in something.I love this work more than I can describe, but I have no plans to scale this practice.For now I’m more content to build a few Ferrari’s a year than a thousand Toyota’s.

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