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Upon being informed (under the unknowingly false pretence) of Eugene's ability to develop a cure - this led Abraham to a regained sense of purpose and thus he personally vowed to help deliver him to their intended destination - Washington D. At some point during their travels, the two encountered a group of survivors consisting of Rosita Espinosa, Josiah, Stephanie, Warren, Rex, Pam, Roger, Dirk and Josephine whom were fending of against the infected, where Abraham assisted them.

Impressed with their skill, Abraham recruited them into their group and agreed to fulfil their mission to deliver Eugene to Washington.

At one point Abraham alongside several of his comrades found themselves stranded in the desert (approximately 30 kilometres apart from their base) which had been caused by a camel which had digested their transport keys, to their relief, the animal eventually defecated the keys and their squadron managed to return home.

Outside of his military career, Abraham grew to become a family man, where he met a woman named Ellen where the two fell in love and became married, together the pair had two children named A. The four lived together as a typical family, located in Houston, Texas where they attended several country fairs as well as a goat rodeo.

It is hinted however that due Abraham’s war-time experience gradually moulded him into an incredibly brutal and malicious man and thus his aggressive demeanour heavily strained the relationship between him and his family a great deal, and thus they secretly became fearful of him.

After the onset of the outbreak, Abraham was present with his family alongside several of their neighbours in Houston where together they holed themselves up inside a local grocery store.

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The next thing you're gonna tell me is that you'll go and I can stay.

They are forced to stop when they come across a car wreckage blocking the road, and three walkers nearby approach.

Tara prepares to shoot them with a rifle, but Abraham orders her to stop and proceeds to attack them with a crowbar.

Even in the face of death, even if it is going to be a slow and painful death, Abraham is shown to be absolutely fearless and defiant when Negan executed him by smashing his head multiple times with his baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire, "Lucille".

In his final moments, Abraham died a noble and courageous man who made his final humorous words to his murderer, "Suck... nuts." Abraham was born in the mid 1960's, where he grew up in Houston, Texas, however, not much is known regarding that of his early childhood. S Military where he most presumably served in the middle-east, and through his years of service, he eventually gained the rank of Sergeant.

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