How accurate are dating scans at 12 weeks

Those beautiful pictures that you see in magazines are known as 3D ‘surface rendered’ images.In other words, the ultrasound machine uses sophisticated software to construct an image of the baby as you would see it ‘with the skin on’.Just like any picture, if the baby isn’t looking at the ‘camera’, you can’t get a good image.When the baby’s face is clear, the image can be astounding.

Please note that 4DFREEVIEW is free and is not the primary purpose of these scans.

The technology is similar to that used to make animated cartoons like Shrek, so that the image you see on the ultrasound monitor is really a computer-constructed image, not a true peek at the baby itself.

In order to get a beautiful 3D ultrasound image, the baby’s face must not be covered by hands or touching anything.

A pregnancy ultrasound or scan, is an imaging test that uses sound waves to see how a baby is developing in the womb.

These scans are used during the course of the pregnancy to monitor fetal growth and development.

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