How to look intimidating

Related: Watch Trump explain why he sent Comey tapes tweet and see if you understand.(We don’t) Trump’s latest comments came Friday when attempting to explain why he sent a tweet threatening that he had tapes of his conversations with fired FBI Director James Comey.When the odds are presented in this way they are rounded down, so your actual profit will usually be higher than the posted odds - 6/1 may actually pay out .30 in profit for every dollar instead of just six dollars.The other way that odds will be presented is as the payout on a bet.

But even with that caveat, Trump’s latest remarks about the matter hardly help his attempts to show that he did not try to interfere in the FBI’s investigation into possible collusion between Russia and his campaign.“You’re basically conceding all the elements of the offense except for intent,” Zeidenberg said. To say that it’s not fatal isn’t the same as saying it’s at all helpful or constructive.Get our 2017 Belmont Stakes coverage including, Picks and Odds Betting on horse racing can be very intimidating to people that don't understand how it all works and what all the numbers mean, but once you learn the basics of understanding horse racing odds it really couldn't be simpler.If anything, it may even be easier than other forms of sports betting to understand because of the transparency - you know exactly how much is being bet on each horse at any time, so you can easily spot trends and opportunities.Trump (@real Donald Trump) June 22, 2017 After Fox News host Ainsley Earhardt suggested that sending the tweet was a smart way of making Comey “stay honest” during his Senate testimony earlier this month, Trump responded, “Well, it wasn’t very stupid, I can tell you that."He added: “He did admit that what I said was right, and if you look further back before he heard about that I think maybe he wasn’t admitting that.” Friday.“He’s trying to affect the testimony of a witness, which you’re not supposed to do.”Indeed, it could well be seen, as former Barack Obama White House ethics czar Norm Eisen has said, as an attempt to intimidate a witness.

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