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About one o'olook Ko Bsltor thought he discovered some- thing moving down the bed of a stream. Evidently the unusual noise frighlenod the little fellow, for ho threw up his hands and started on • run. caning to him that he would take him to his "papa," and finally captured tho llltlo follow, more wild with Joy than the discoverer of tho Kohluoor.

The fourth day oponed with sunshine for the first timo. und ia aside from whero the main body wore aeurchlug, being also in another direction from where the foot- prints were seen.

His face was purple, his tongue hanging out Ho sioppud at none of our inquiries.. and ho beat us nil Whon ho ronched the cabin ho hud but strength enough to gasp out the fact, tho boy is safo, and then staggered nnd foil.

Dainty Tea, Delicious Chocolate and Lovely Souvenirs FREE. "° f °WVF' «™ UT MEN- Tho'pretties't WSu'lil" with Sa'Vto msfch K Tl&'e" jersey hints, Navy Blue aud Cardinal. STATE AND COUNTY TAXES have been due the past eight montba, and parties who have not paid will please como forward and sottlo same at ones. One of tho searching part* snid of the scono that followed: "1 was on tho main road hurrying to the Bouahotoht*, when u runner dashed through us on his way to Inform tho mother.

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Every body congratulated every body clso and especially the father, who seemed to be holding a roal reception. SOUTH ALL, we ahall begin to do our dutios aa in- 1 divlduals aud as communities. his old stand up-stalrs lu the Block, where he will be glad Henry |0 MM his friends snd the pnblio gouorslly. He mny possibly nlso havo found May apples In hlj ramble and lived upon them. l'yle haa accepted a Billon with Ken)haw A Braslior at BO. I We are going to follow tb U up each weak with a different tleml, and eaeh aad every time we Mi all offer i ^kitting That Will LW; 'Hm n ieb wo T.'S^* watch m immmi WATCH IT Mil! Traces of leaves wore found In his mouth, mid ho Bald himself that ho nto them. Several of the parties lost themselves, and had to climb trees to find their way out Tho third day closed with all hope abandoned of Snde lng tho child alive Tho ouly thought now was of discovering tho body and relieving the agony of the parents, who wero well nigh dying themselvos of stisponso nnd sleeplessness. Boar mountain Is the highest Uaw J lu tho Mat.- of Connecticut (2,844 feot). The rain still continued, and a high wind accompanied it The mist hid overy objoct twenty feet nwoy. Men plunged Into swamps thut hardly a wild cot even could pen- etrate. With a light buekboard wngou they plunged Into tho wood-cart paths thot load down Into Salisbury volley Both wero experienced woods- men and knew ovary foot of the ground.

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