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The Anglo-Indians were caught in a unique situation.

The Dara Shikoh library and the district courts were here. Our neighbour and family friend was the author Nirad C Chaudhuri, who at that time worked as a clerk with All India Radio located on Alipur Road, where the Clarks Maidens Hotel used to stand.My father's family moved to the Walled City area in 1909, two years before the Delhi Durbar was established. We lived in what was Delhi's most culture-rich and education-rich square mile.It had the Civil Lines, Hamilton Road, Tees Hazari and Kashmere Gate.My mother wore ghararas at home and my father, who worked in the Municipal Committee, wore a khaki hat to work and a felt hat for special occasions.Though we had electricity at home since the late 1920s, we only had a few pedestal fans. The old-fashioned, big hand-pulled pankhas mounted on the walls and khus-khus pardahs kept the heat out. Tongas were the preferred mode of transport since buses and cars were very few.

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