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Knights represent the Fiery Part of the Court Cards regardless of their Suit Element. We find a predominant Knight of Pentacles with a dash of The Knight of Wands.However, as essential as Earth is to us all, it can have extremes of effects on us.With Earth as our stabilising foundation, we can all just about manage to build a roof over our heads, and forage in the wild for just enough to sustain us and clothe us.It enthuses and motivates Earth to pull off its heavy mud-leaden boots and take off at a jog, if not exactly a run.It loosens the shackles that Earth can enforce upon us and promotes freedom of movement across its surface.

Earth is practical, conservative and traditional, while Fire is dynamic and responsive.

Too much Fire can inhibit growth and make whatever has grown, wilt or die.

Fire brings a much needed dose of activity to Earth, but it can all get out of hand.

We can build great houses instead of hovels, farm the land so that it yields bountiful harvests to sustain us without worry of starvation, and properly use its natural resources to craft quality clothing to suit our environment. Earth is there for any of us to utilise so that we may exist, but when we add Fire to the mix, great things can be achieved.

Fire influences Earth to move and act upon its own resources.

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