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The site offers reviews not of mainstream dating sites which are already fairly well known but more niche-oriented dating sites that might be of interest to users seeking a black / white relationship.The site was launched specifically because it's difficult to get started in online dating, given the prevalence of SPAM sites, fake profiles and poorly designed apps.Readers discuss interracial love People have blamed the glamorization of white women and degradation of black women for these trends, while some in the comments for Miles’ article blame black women for being standoffish.

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According to the Pew Research Center, intermarriage rates have steadily increased, up to 8 percent more by 1980 and then 17 percent by 2015.

This rattles her even though she is married to a Native American.

Bracing for more interracial couplings Miles brings the statistics about interracial marriage and black men to life by relating this trend to a typical, yet important, dating ritual: taking a serious partner home for the holidays.

“To me, choosing a long term partner comes down to values more than anything else.” One black woman spoke up as a voice of empowerment amid these bitter discussions.

“It’s a new day for black women,” affirmed moonchild71.

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