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Hilary heads a team of designers that excel not only in their art and passion, but also in friendly and unpretentious customer service. The simple, modern and lush aesthetic of the boutique style store and its designs have launched Hilary Miles as one of the most sought after florists in Canada by upscale local and international taste makers in the design, art, fashion and film industries.The youngest male and female finishers in this half-mile race were both five years of age.Rence Davis finished sixth overall with a time of and was the fourth and youngest male in the race.

For Wedding & Event inquiries please call us to book an appointment in advance so we can give you our full attention.However, this didn't keep Phil Hartman from filling in for him on one occasion ("A Fish Called Selma").Minutes later, Fat Tony responds to an emotional scene by saying "I haven't cried this much since I paid to see Godfather III" (in which Mantegna played the character Joey Zasa, one of the inspirations for Fat Tony).This is perhaps one of the more challenging 5K courses in Salisbury, as there are a couple of steady up and down hills and then a fairly tough uphill towards the end of the race right by the Salisbury Zoo.The half-mile race, which mainly seemed to be for younger runners, was won by Ryan Duncan in .

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