Intimidating coaches

Part of the hardness of playing secondary school sports is having a coach who can be harder on you.Also, determine if the young person is taking personally treatment that is just part of the coach's harder operating style and given to all.For example, the coach believes in one trial learning and is impatient with anyone who doesn't incorporate a new instruction the first time it is given.

The player's parents can fear speaking up for fear of making a bad situation worse for their son or daughter, or invite censure from other parents who support the program. The painful truth for players and their parents is that there are no self-made bullies.

Their student athlete needs to have realistic expectations.

In general, students need to expect that playing for a secondary school coach can be more seriously competitive, more demanding of hard work, more critical of mistakes, and more personally intense than the nurturing, recreational coaching received playing on younger teams.

In addition to Graham, the investigation was headed by former deputy athletic director John Morris and current executive associate senior athletic director Steve Cottingham.

Frank approved the investigation."Colorado State University is prohibited by law from disclosing personnel information and from commenting on confidential personnel matters, particularly where employees have a legal expectation of privacy," the university said in a statement. The university is committed to the highest standards of integrity, and when any issues have arisen, the university has taken appropriate action to maintain that integrity in our programs and ensure our standards are met."The program review at issue took place several years ago and we stand by the manner in which we dealt with the allegations -- then and now.

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