Inuyasha dating

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Lets go." When they got to the restaurant where they was having dinner at.

She started thinking to herself, "Why did he leave?

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Kagome sat in her room and ate her birthday cake alone. Kagome just sat in the chair at her desk,just staring at the flowers that are still on her bed."Inu Yasha why did you leave?

But Kagome told her mom that she wanted to stay home and that she had a date.

Inu Yasha lean in and kiss her again and this time Kagome didn't gasp,she kiss him back. Kikyo watch,she couldn't believe he choose that girl over her. Inu Yasha and Kagome was still kissing until Kagome pulled away.

I love you and I want to be with you."said Inu Yasha, still holding Kagome around the waist. Kagome hug the little fox boy."Yes Shippo, I'm back."said Kagome.

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