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Equal rights to inheritance is also not established under Iran's Islamic Sharia law--when a father dies, his son is entitled to twice as much as his daughter, according to Article 907 of the civil code.Iranian women deserve the same basic rights as men. This article was written by Kaveh Taheri & Laleh Moazen.According to Article 157 of Iran's new penal code, which was approved in January 2012, the criterion for criminal responsibility for girls is the age of eight years, nine months.In addition, the testimony of a man is often given twice the weight of a woman's.Husbands can ban their wives from leaving the country at any time.Female athletes in Iran face huge difficulties in attending matches.Today, Iranian women are still banned from stadiums.The ban originated after the 1979 Islamic Revolution in Iran which Iranian hard-liners approved and implemented.

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The unusual project is developed in Iran in order to boost tourism. Those who can't afford a vacation in Dubai should perhaps think about heading to Kish in Iran instead.

There is a large disparity when comparing women's rights in Iran and in the West: Iranian women are still denied their basic fundamental rights.

Iranian women are treated as second-class citizens, but authorities choose to ignore that women cannot enter stadiums and that there are gender barriers in the market.

Niloufar Ardalan, the captain of the Iranian soccer team and the best female player equipped with her "magic" left foot, was deprived of playing in the Women's Futsal Championship of Malaysia in 2015 due to Sharia law.

Niloufar was banned from attending the matches after her husband, TV showman Mehdi Toutounchi, did not allow her to attend the tournament based on Iran's Islamic rules.

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