Is john frusciante dating anyone

"John and I really identify ourselves when it comes to musical taste, he also loves Joy Division, he introduced me Os Mutantes, Brian Eno, Bow Wow Wow ..

There is some news that this relationship is also going to end soon as Nicole has already filed divorce.Just special thought in my head at him, sending him a good feeling to beat the demons that haunted him, to be happy, to preserve your health, make another record!I never had much respect for the opinion of some, my ego is not important because I love him with all my heart "- Milla Jovovich After a month in rehabilitation and re-inclusion of the Californian band to which he belonged, Frusciante found himself deeply connected to a spiritual plane and inspired by the visions of spirits that had.He has several tattoos in his body and they make him look very hot. His personal quotes are very inspiring and it tells about his struggle when he was young.He has always remained true to his music and his guitar has always done the talking.

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