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The Gospel of John is mysteriously without an Olivet Discourse.

By the time John writes his Revelation of Jesus Christ, the time frame of the Generation Promise was almost up. Bruce, New Testament History (Garden City: 1969), p.411.

It is nearly universally accepted in Christianity that the first four chapters of the book of Revelation were addressed to their named recipients, the seven churches in Asia Minor. Pierce, The Rapture Cult (Signal Mtn., TN: 1986) • T.

Most also affirm that they were fulfilled in the first century.

This is because if Revelation was not written before 70AD, then it was likely not warning its audience about the Destruction of Jerusalem in 70AD. What happens next, in many interpretations, however, is funny. Many traditions say that the book suddenly – and without warning – shifts topics and historical settings. Not only will the internal and external piles of –largely unknown today- evidence surprised you, but his early date explanation puts the message of Revelation in the same vein as other messages that God gave people in similar situations. “A pre 70 AD date would make the purpose of the Revelation the same as was Isaiah’s prophecy — that is, to see the faithful people of God through the extremely difficult times ahead as THEIR then known WORLD was going to be shaken to its very foundation by the judgment of God against Babylon. Green, A Handbook of Church History from the Apostolic Era to the Dawn of the Reformation (London: 1904), p. • David Hill, New Testament Prophecy (Atlanta: John Knox, 1979), pp. (Ovid Need Jr, Revelation: Date, Time and Purpose, 2001.) Revelation is introduced as something that “must” – not might – but which “MUST” soon take place. Garrow, Revelation (New Testament Readings; London: 1997). Gentry, Before Jerusalem Fell, An Exegetical and Historical Argument for a Pre-A. 70 Composition, (1989) • Robert Mc Queen Grant, A Historical Introduction to the New Testament (New York: Harper & Row, 1963), p.

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