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Only stopping long enough to tease and suckle her nipples to full aching hardness, her head would be tossed back in sheer pleasure as I teased a deep throated moan to erupted forth from her lips.My lips trailing down along the hard flat planes of her belly to her soft shaven pussy, where I would spread her legs so that i could gain entry to her soft sweet, wet clit.We hit it off right away, we talked and chatted about all kinds of things, then she asked me if I knew what kind of room I was in, not even thinking I said no what kind of room am I in, she says your in the gay room. the way she made me laugh to the way she was making me feel.I just shrugged my shoulders not really caring about the room and I preceded to ask her " are you a lesbian" and she comes back with this "my mothers daughter is" well I tell you I had to think about that and when my brain finally clued in I just laughed and laughed. Every time she came into the gaming room to find me my heart would race, my body would tingle and tighten with excitement.I dont ask Laughing out loud is one of my favourite things, along with feeling peaceful.Im also a simple girl who comes from a very traditional family with simple beginnings.

Hi there, I am a very loyal person with a great sense of humour.

I describe myself as a larger than life type of person who loves to have a laugh get loud and just be happy.

I am friendly, approachable and talkative, humorous with a generous spirit.

I recall she made some sassy comment and I commented back with something sexual.

I started talking dirty to her, she was shocked at first then she started to enjoy.

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