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After you read her latest post – Radical Unschooling – you’ll be glad she is not daily pushing her… We be back tomorrow so in the meantime do not let Evangelical Quiverfull family or friends steal your peace today.

On the twelfth day of Christmas Quiverfull gave to me 12 Tator Tot Casseroles 11 Shapeless Jumpers 10 Hungry Children 9 Nancy Campbell Warnings 8 Spanked by Lori Alexander Thong-Wearers 7 Types of Pleading for Sex by Larry Solomon 6 Lengths of Plumbing Pipe 5 Doug Wilson Word Salads 4 Michael Pearl Delusions… Over the last month many other online sites, blogs and media sites have drug up Faithful Word Baptist Church Pastor Steven Anderson’s words from three years ago and have tried to mislead folks into thinking this is a new thing. We covered that kill the gays sermon here when he said it. He’s not said much new about killing the gay community beyond his capering and joy over…

For a long time there were rumors that Michelle Rodriguez is a lesbian.

Her acting career started in 2000 playing the role of Diana Guzman in the film, “Girlfight.” Well known for her participation in the films Resident evil and The Fast and the Furious.

She’s been super busy this week sounding off the same awful idea of Larry Solomon that being a Godly Christian man and woman stops all sexual assault.

Plus she’s going back to her one-note parade of stay home, keep house and homeschool your children or you’re some sort of lazy, evil, feminist.

Is it the possible exposure to things beyond the cult that might make the blinders fall from…

It’s not that the parenting is exactly lazy, it’s more a case of parents not schooling their children in the exact same method ad Zsuzsanna Anderson she despises.

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