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To understand why some people are upset with this decision, let’s conduct a quick refresher on how Ok Cupid works: And so that brings us to the revised approach.

So it only makes sense that they would adopt video as well, given the growing popularity of the format on social apps like Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat, as well as the industry’s larger embrace of “Stories” as a means of offering an angle into people’s lives, activities, and interests.

But I guess I can just block.” That concern — of being unable to realize when someone is frequenting your profile to an alarming extent — carries over to the comments on Ok Cupid’s blog post from yesterday.

But the most resounding and vehement response from customers is that this is just a thinly-disguised money grab.

My friend Erin, a 30-something designer in Brooklyn, thinks it’s a better way to go overall.

“I frequently would not even look at someone's profile after they sent me a message unless I thought I was really gonna like them because they'd see that I did,” she told me. She followed that up by saying “The only weird thing is that one guy who checked my profile like dozens of times a day, and now I can't keep tabs on how much he's creeping on me.

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