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This results in chloride influx, hyperpolarization, and decreased ability of the neuron to reach an action potential, producing sedation and anxiolysis.In addition, this class of drugs produces amnesia and has anticonvulsant actions. Their most significant adverse effect is respiratory depression and subsequent hypoxemia.A nurse may put a patient under sedation if they can't sleep. One of the most important goals of clinicians is patient comfort.

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Sedatives typically have more than one of these actions, although one may predominate.Compared with other modes of administration, intravenous medications generally have a quick onset, have a predictable drug absorption, and are titratable.The intravenous route is emphasized in the discussion below.Sedation is the depression of a patient's awareness to the environment and reduction of his or her responsiveness to external stimulation.This is accomplished along a continuum of sedation levels: Prior to the administration of medications, clinicians must know the level of sedation required for a given procedure and the appropriate dose of the pharmacologic agent or agents chosen.

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