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You cannot ensure you are practicing it correctly without having access to someone else who knows what they are doing. Post up on the slackline forums looking for a mentor and you just might find a local willing to teach you.The reason why I'm putting this out here isn't to actually encourage people to jump into highlining, but instead to make sure people understand a few of the principals behind highlining so they can be much more educated to make the decision for themselves.Ok, since that is now out of the way, here are some basic questions we get.Highlining is the sport of slacklining performed at a height above what one could fall safely.I'll put this up front and in bold: "Slackline Express LLC does not manufacture any slackline kits which are intended to be the only thing keeping you alive.Highlining takes training and proper equipment to do safely.As you can see highline gear is usually not cheap, but the experience and knowledge to know what is safe is what will keep you alive.

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I suggest reading John Long's Climbing Anchors and the rest of his series from Falcon Press and a book on Rescue Rigging if you want to find additional reading material.The only real saving grace is that so few people take the sport up high and those who do are climbers educated in not just textbook knowledge but field seasoned in rigging.For those looking into highlining who are not seasoned climbers, you have a lot of research ahead of you to solve basic safety considerations such as assessing anchor strength, equalization of forces and selecting proper equipment, so we strongly recommend finding someone qualified to teach you in person.This category is further divided by some into Midlines, which are lines generally from 20 feet to say 60 feet high (that part is subjective) and highlines which would be anything above a midline.Highlines have been done between rock columns over a thousand feet up. Highline rigging can be complex and should be taught in person by someone who is experienced in rigging.

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