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A new law in California allows women to pick up birth control pills from pharmacies without a doctor’s prescription.But more than a year after the law took effect, women say they’re still struggling to get the medicines, in part because they can’t find pharmacies offering them. John Meehan spent years terrorizing women and manipulating them to obtain money, sex and power.With so much to do, it can be hard to imagine a way to squeeze in the American College of Sports Medicine’s recommended fitness guidelines of 150 minutes of moderate...In Santa Monica, acupuncture goes mainstream and a gym rolls out a new high intensity interval training class; a new meditation studio in Sherman Oaks offers mindfulness sessions for teens; and a crystal healing workshop is happening in Silver Lake.Bloqueando las transferencias evitarás que por error, o intencionadamente, tu dominio sea transferido.

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Activa la renovación automática de tu dominio y no te preocupes más por las fechas de renovación.Many experts believe that feeling grateful is also beneficial to your health. Emmons, professor of psychology at UC Davis and founding editor in chief of the Journal of Positive...A traditional made-from-scratch Thanksgiving feast isn’t for everyone.But a clutch of forward-thinking companies are creating products that can make being attached to that workspace a little healthier, plugging into a trend described as “random acts of fitness.” Trade in a conventional office...If there’s any time for excuses, it’s during the holidays when sweaters come out, socializing heats up and the overindulging begins.

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