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He immediately gets the idea to fuck them both while they are still warm.

The cold ass bitch agent Nikko he will save for last, since she would never give up the pussy because she wanted to be professional.

As he slowly peels them off, he sees her sexy pink panties and wants to dig in. He goes back to her ass, massaging and kneading it like bread.

He is ready to get deeper into it so he removes her panties after rolling her over again so he can see her pussy.

He goes for the shoes to expose her feet, he rolls her over to feel her ass in the jeggings for a while, enjoying her perfect ass, and afterwards unsnaps her bra.

He rolls her over and finishes removing her shirt and bra.

Another spy from her agency is sneaking up to her while she sleeps, trying to take her out the easy way, but the Spy wakes up.

She realizes it is her colleague, and friend so she relaxes and they lay together in the bed, Alisha rubs on Nikko’s boobs and butt whilst they relax, and talk about agent Rex and his issues.

She kicks her legs in her wedges, and her tight jeggings flex as she tries to fight, elbow, and claw away from the crazy guy. He continues to choke her and finally she gets too out of hand.

She strangles her hard and Nikko fights back even harder, trying to escape the clutches of a better spy.

She strangles her(long hard strangle) to death on the bed, not knowing that Agent Rex is watching from the same place she was watching Nikko.

He leaves and steals everything in her car and purse, driving the beat up car away from the scene.

She is viewed and panned from different angles to appreciate the perfection of this trailer trash babe.

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