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When Cyndi wasn't 'working' as Sindi Suxgoode, in front of or behind her cameras, we searched for and quickly found her a house to buy in the Simi Valley area.With my help, she was able to qualify for a 15-year mortgage, as she was able to put 50% down on the total price.I've come to think that, in this era of independent women, having a slut to protect, provide for, problem-solve with and produce for might be a whole lot better than traditional marriage.No problems of 'fidelity' there, because the concept of 'cheating' never came up.Finding 5 guys to humiliate and degrade your man, in his own house ... "Is this the guy you said was a weak, useless wimp, with a tiny dick? But in THIS ONE CASE, if you even hint that you're letting this sexy guy go, you just remember I want his male lips and tongue down my lezzie throat. " Then the black girl giggled and wrapped her lezzie arms around my cum-oozing slut, there on the studio's bed area, kissing her mouth deeply, with tongue. Eventually, we had to get up, because the bed had to be made with clean sheets for the coming amateur camera shoot, this afternoon.

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Making her your beneficiary and her's becomes yours. All the benefits of a married relationship but no 'state government' involvement. I drove up there by the afternoon, having put my successful business back on hold.It took me over 10 minutes to cum inside the wanton minx, while her operating staff clapped and made comments.However, as Cyndi lay on her back, gasping for breath, the cum leaking from her ravaged pussy, her African-American lesbian make-up artist commented acidly: "Girlfriend, is this the guy you cheated on at the beach, over 3 dozen times?Is this the guy who protects and provides money for you, so you can pay us ... A set of padded 'paddles' to push her boobs together, on either side.The whole thing padded for her comfort, but water- and sex-juice proof, for repeated cleanings.

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