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That said, much of the content of are key to all kinds of relationships in life.

For example, these soft skills increase successful and cooperative interactions in the workplace.

The vision building, skills, guides, and frameworks in contains activities to identify early warning signs of abuse along with how to set boundaries and apply them at the first sign of disrespect.

It also raises awareness of how children are harmed by turbulent and destructive parental and partner relationships.

Employers report that soft skills are vital for the success of young people entering the workforce.

also represents an innovative approach to both pregnancy/STI and intimate partner violence prevention within the context of a positive youth development approach.

Wise choices will assist them in achieving their education, employment, relationship and family goals, while poor relationship and sexual choices may create barriers to these goals.

It is developed especially for teens and young adults at risk for unstable and poor quality relationships, unplanned pregnancies, and for those who are pregnant or already parenting.

If young people have never considered what deepening levels of physical intimacy mean to them (and how to discern if their partner is on the same page) then how are they to make wise sexual decisions and stick to their choices?It is ultimately also about the heart and aspirations.takes a health- and heart-based approach to sexuality and provides unique ways to tap motivation.They are asked to develop goals, boundaries, and a context and pace for sexual intimacy that is responsible, protective of their own aspirations in life, and personally meaningful.Films, music, poetry and stories are used to inspire and help young people identify their values.

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