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Zhu 6 pages including 5 figures and 2 tables; Accepted for presentation at DAE Symposium on Nuclear Physics, December 26-30, 2011, Department of Nuclear Physics, Andhra University, Visakhapatnam, A. The source code needed for reproducing the entire paper including the numerical data is available at this http URL 45 pages, 16 figures, 7 tables. The correct version of this equation was used in the analysis Xavier Dumusque, Aldo S. Revised 6/23/2014 in response to referee's comments and those from Stefano Valenti; fixed errors in EPM calculations of distance to M74 The LIGO Scientific Collaboration, the Virgo Collaboration: J. Movie and full resolution figures are available at this https URL and this https URL S. P., India This new version includes the changes mentioned in the erratum to the published version. Data will be available only when the paper is published in Astrophysical Journal Supplements (now submitted). Hainline, Huib Intema, Alexander Karim, Ivo Labbe, Sune Toft, Pieter G. Brammer, Mauro Stefanon, Adam Muzzin, Alberto Fernandez-Soto, Stefan Geier, Kevin N. Drinkwater (7), Matt Jarvis (4,9), Ray Norris (10), David Parkinson (7), ((1) JPL, (2) Caltech, (3) ICG, (4) UWC, (5) SKA, (6) CENTRA, (7) Queensland, (8) CAASTRO, (9) Oxford, (10) CSIRO) George R.

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Gonzalez Delgado, Simona Bekeraite, Anna Pasquali, Peter H. Kennicutt, Bernd Husemann, Damian Mast, Sebastian F. Moustakas, Mario Nonino, Piero Rosati, Jack Sayers, Stella Seitz, Arjen Van der Wel, Wei Zheng, Adi Zitrin Accepted to Ap J; 24 pages; scheduled to appear in the Oct 10, 2014 issue. Latham, Emilio Molinari, Francesco Pepe, Stephane Udry, David Charbonneau, Rosario Cosentino, Courtney D. Phillips, Giampaolo Piotto, Don Pollacco, Didier Queloz, Ken Rice, Dimitar Sasselov, Alessandro Sozzetti, Andrew Szentgyorgyi, Chris Watson 26 pages, 7 figures, submitted to JAVSO. Peletier, Gijs Verdoes Kleijn, David Carter, Paul Goudfrooij, John R. Our results are now in agreement, in the appropriate limit, with those of ar Xiv:1606.02113 Tim Weinzirl, Shardha Jogee, Eyal Neistein, Sadegh Khochfar, John Kormendy, Irina Marinova, Carlos Hoyos, Marc Balcells, Mark den Brok, Derek Hammer, Reynier F. v2: the title has been changed a bit to reflect, in a better way, the purpose and contents of the paper. Jensen, Charles Kaminski, Daniel Kozarsky, Alfred Krabbe, Randolf Klein, Yannick Lammen, Ulrich Lampater, William B. Nickison, Kortney Opshaug, Enrico Pfueller, James Radomski, John Rasmussen, William Reach, Andreas Reinacher, Thomas L. Wyrzykowski (Warsaw University Observatory) 40 pages, 11 figures, 1 table; v2: references added, appendix B revised; v3: improved presentation of signal/background, added section 4.4 on earth attenuation, version to appear in JCAP; v4: typos fixed, appendix B bounds weakened, conclusions unchanged La Tex file, 19 pages, 14 figures. Becklin, Adwin Boogert, Rick Brewster, Eric Burgh, Brent R. Dunham, Christian Engfer, Geoffrey Ediss, Maura Fujieh, Randy Grashuis, Michael Gross, Edward Harmon, Andrew Helton, Douglas Hoffman, Jeff Homan, Michael Hutwohl, Holger Jakob, Stephen C.

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