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As they were involved in the slave trade and not trained in other professions, it seems that these women had no real alternatives for work.

Their clients, however, seem to have had a better time at the brothels, as demonstrated by the graffiti that they left behind.

For instance, the chambers where the prostitutes worked were windowless, cramped, and uncomfortable places separated from the anteroom only by curtains.

Furthermore, it has been suggested that most of the prostitutes in Pompeii were slaves of Oriental or Greek origin.

it could be they were meant to get clients into the mood....

also, the assumption of slavery based on the brothel keeper collecting the fees may not be entirely a tradition for the brothel keeper to collect the fees for the sake of security.

Despite the erotic nature of these images, it has been suggested that they were merely an idealised version of sex.It’s not that the Picts, a group of British Isle inhabitants, were that different from native Britons around the fourth century, a historian suggests in a new book. The Maison Carrée (which means ‘Square House’ in French) is an ancient monument located in Nîmes, a city in the Occitanie region of southern France.This building was built during the 1st century BC...But until the 16 century BC Roman city frozen in time, preserved by the layers of ash that spewed out from the great eruption of Mount Vesuvius in A. This was due to the fact that excavators were startled by the sexually explicit frescoes they were frequently unearthing, quite shocking to the sensibilities of medieval citizens of Rome, so they quickly covered them over.When excavations resumed nearly two centuries later, archaeologists found a complete city almost entirely intact – loaves of bread still sat in the oven, bodies of men, women, children, and pets were found frozen in their last moments, the expressions of fear still etched on their faces, and the remains of meals remained discarded on the pavement.

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