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Other classifiers are ôrang (person) for people and deities, ḅêk for long objects, blaḥ (leaf) for flat objects, and many others.The days of the month are counted with a similar system, with two classifiers: one (bangun) used to count days before the full moon, and the other one (ranaṃ) for days after the full moon.Personal pronouns behave like ordinary nouns and do not show any case distinctions.There are different forms depending on the level of politeness.But so many people have forgotten it because they spend all their time watching VCDs or soap operas.

Other Chamic languages are spoken in Cambodia and/or Vietnam (Raglai, Rade, Jarai, Chru and Haroi), on Hainan (Tsat) and in Aceh, North Sumatra (Acehnese). Western Cham is spoken by the Cham in Cambodia as well as in the adjacent Vietnamese provinces of An Giang and Tây Ninh.'They're great for telling to people on the street.They don't take long to listen to and they always make the listener very happy. Did you know it's the original culture of these islands?These imperatives sat uneasily alongside other political priorities at the time, as politicians sought to establish the Riau Islands as an independent province, separate from the province of 'Riau' on Mainland Sumatra, to which it had formerly been attached.Provincial autonomy was championed as a chance for Riau Island Malays to reassert themselves and once again become the rulers of the archipelago, as they had been in pre-colonial times.

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