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Atkins’ intelligent mobility team is providing project management, functional design and business modelling expertise to support the development and implementation of the new system.

By sharing increasingly accurate journey information in real-time between staff and customers, TOC Ability promises to make journeys more seamless and reliable, reducing passenger anxiety and stress and enhancing comfort.

By increasing accessibility and trust in rail services we are looking to encourage more disabled passengers to make regular journeys and to feel that they are an integral part of our mobility system.” For more information visit the i M Hub: or

Toc The modern design proposal is derived from Dubai’s heritage and centuries-old tradition of Emirati culture: historic fishing and pearling.

Pedestrians no longer rely on a push-button crosswalk because of combination thermal imaging and video cameras that provide pedestrian and bicycle detection for adaptive control of the traffic signals, Hawk systems, and rectangular rapid flashing beacon systems.

In a partnership with the Georgia Institute of Technology and the Georgia Department of Transportation, data is gathered and analyzed to assist both short- and long-term transportation planning to create a safer and more efficient place to live, work, and play.

The resulting increase in trust in the service is expected to encourage more customers with accessibility needs to travel by rail.

Andrew Flood, Director for intelligent mobility and also chairman to an international charity for people with disabilities, says: “TOC Ability is set to transform future rail services for disabled passengers, who are often the most vulnerable, so they feel confident to travel.

By improving ways that passengers and operators communicate and interact, we aim to provide an efficient and improved service experience.

TOC Ability is a fundamentally important project for the sector, and very much in line with our vision to put the user at the centre of transportation." The project, valued at around £1.4 million, will run for a period of 18 months.

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