Mcafee amcore content package not updating

) One of the things I deleted was HKLM\Software\microsoft NT\currentversion\imagefileexecution Options\And something WOW6432node and msmp After i did research, Those appear to be Names of Windows 10 files (Possibly legit?) Yesterday my firefox stopped allowing me to do anything but x out and I pulled up windows edge and after I clicked on any link, it would take me to a blank page I tried everything a couple more times today and I figure I better get a expert since it started to affect me going on web browsers(after i did the Malwarebytes Root Kit clean I was able to get back on) Thanks in Advance and I am here to help you! If you would allow me to call you by your first name I would prefer to do that.======================================================================================================Now that I am assisting you, you can expect that I will be very responsive to your situation. yesterday I was in touch with Mca Fee's tech support and they ported in and ended up doing the ole, Delete and Reinstall. Now if you suggest this is fine and come back if I notice any problems, then that's what i'll do.We at Mc Afee, LLC and our affiliates with whom you have a business relationship (“Mc Afee”, “we”, “us”) care deeply about privacy, security, and online safety, all of which are a significant part of our essential mission: to protect users of our products and services (“you”, “your”) from the risks of theft, disruption, and unauthorized access to their online information and activities.Deep Freeze does not make any distinction between changes that are malicious, or changes that are desired on a workstation and this can pose some challenges in managing 3rd party products that require updates to occur on a periodic basis.Introduction Deep Freeze provides administrators with a way to protect workstations from changes by rolling back any change made to the computer at reboot.

i downloaded malewarebytes rootkit cleaner(beta) and it found 6 malwares and I deleted those, though I'm not sure they were positive because I'm not sure how old the program is(older then windows 10? This item magically appeared in my repository on Friday.We are a medium office with about 56 users, and we are adding the servers to Epo soon as well so just checking what what you guys do on your AV update policies.Using Win Zip or a similar file compression utility, extract the .Right-click on one of the selected files and click Copy.

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