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When the men arrived home form their days work at the pits, the woman of the house would have the tub or bine ready filled, in the middle of the floor and would assist in the bathing.

If wet, the pit clothes would be draped over chairs by the fire and clouds of steam would engulf the kitchen.

She wore round loop earrings and black velvet ribbon at her throat, with a cameo. She used to row a small boat across the River Clyde to bring men home from the Power Station.

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More importantly, there was no welfare state to cushion the blow when illness or injury struck.

No more boiling water in pots, and bathing in the big zinc bath in front of the fire. Carmyle has now become quite a big area with many housing schemes, but I always look on it as our little village.

As you go over the Balloon Bridge on the London Road, going towards Glasgow, the land on the left hand side was where the Mud Raws were sited, alongside two large gas tanks belonging to Colvilles.

Along form the Boat Hoose was Granny Liddells house and then there was another little building with an outside stair at the back to a house above.

The front was like a little hall and the Gospel was preached there.

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