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I’m under strict orders, but I can tell you that it’s as big of an episode as the 100th in its own way. Aside from Hodgins and Angela being married, I would really love for the focus for Angela to shift onto things other than her relationship storylines, which we’ve done a lot of in the last few seasons. But in his defense, that’s what I love about this season finale.

What are you hoping to see for your character and some of the others next season?

She started her profession right after graduation in a television cable documentary series called "The It Factor." Soon after that she moved back to Los Angeles, California and started her significant role in ABC’s "MDs." She has also played movies such as Love the Hard Way in 2001 and Pipe Dreams in 2002.

She landed the television series “Bones” in 2005 playing as Angela Montenegro for a few years in until this date.

And besides dealing with her love life, Angela is very busy working alongside her BFF, Bones.“I love working with Emily,” Michaela said. We have a really fun scene coming up about Hanna, which is David’s new love interest.I like that we didn’t explain it, it’s just who she is.”Although she’s now a married woman and expecting her first child, Michaela says that Angela could still romance a woman in the future.“I don’t know, but the show could keep going and in season 7 or 8 maybe! Michaela credits producer Hart Hanson for the development of Angela’s sexuality and free spirit.We have a very honest talk, which is long overdue.”No matter who they are sleeping with on the show, Angela and Bones will always make a perfect pair.On Thursday morning (December 28, 2017) the American Sun-Times reported Michaela Conlin and boyfriend, to be shopping for engagement rings.

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