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“I’m Calling You,” reminiscent of Marvin Gaye’s “What’s Goin’ On,” reflects Sly’s social consciousness: Ayo’s rich, enchanting vocals respond to Johnson’s heartfelt call, TM Stevens holding down the groove.In addition to his own songs, Johnson offers two covers, reflecting the depth and breadth of his musical interests: Otis Redding’s “ (Sad Song)” gets a fresh rendition while staying true to the spirit of the original; James Warren’s 80s pop hit “Everybody’s Got to Learn Sometime” (made famous by The Korgis) is revived with an intimate take that makes the tune entirely his own, his yearning lead supported by tender backup vocals and strings, Stevens anchoring with a deep funk bassline.

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And the 74 band that’s on the road with you now – they’re French musicians? To me she’s one of the most beautiful voices in France.

Jackson played three 45 minute sets with Team Familiar one week before his death, and then traveled to St.

Louis to play a tour date with El Debarge before spending his last week in the hospital.

The last track on the album – “” (the date of your birth) – features very personal spoken word in French.

Can you tell our readers what the lyrics are about? We’ve been on tour since September 2010, when the album came out in France, and we’re ending in August.

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