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Baugh wears a special uniform to most formal occasions, parades and tours that his family gives of their land.

He dons flashy white jackets with a sash of the country’s flag, a hat with the national crest on it and a variety of medals, most of which Baugh awarded to himself.

The national crest consists of the country’s national animal, the wild horse – as well as an image of the sun, since Molossia is in the west, and the old crown of the Kingdom of Vuldstein.

First Lady Adrianne is much more casual when giving tours but models gowns and a tiara when out at higher caliber events.‘A dictator needs to have a decent looking uniform and because it is a military dictatorship, you have to have a good look,’ Baugh says.

It’s not often that tourists get a close-up look at life inside a dictatorship.

But on a balmy day in Dayton, Nevada, the first tour group of the season sets foot on Molossian soil.

Currently, Molossia is home to four humans – Baugh, First Lady Adrianne, and two of his youngest children– and four dogs.People come from all over the world to see Molossia and who doesn’t like tourists’ dollars?’ he asks.‘After they visit our country, they are going to want to go somewhere and have lunch.‘They (neighbors) do like us and we get published on their website every so often.’The Baugh family advertises their nation with a website and participation in two local Nevada parades, one of which is in Carson City.All across the globe, these small countries have populations ranging from 3 to 4000 to even over 25,000 as their inhabitants come together and establish their own governing rules.The territory of Molossia includes five acres in both Northern and Southern California, but most of its dealings occur on the country’s home territory of 1.3 acres in Nevada.

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